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A successful company requires a solid and ever expanding customer base. What should your company’s strategy be in order to achieve ambitious sales goals? Is it just about increasing the number of leads in the pipeline? Or is there a strategic challenge that’s tougher to tackle? 

Here is how Bushido can help your company grow and flourish. With over 25 years of experience in managing sales teams, mainly in the B2B area, we specialize in improving the entire sales process – from designing a successful proposition to hands-on operations that maximize the results of our clients’ sales efforts. 

We work both at the managerial and the sales force levels. We can act as external advisors or form an integral part of your sales team.
What is the key to generating more and better leads that will transform into real sales? 

Let us work with you to find the answer that best suits your needs.

 Shalom Sagiv, CEO.

Proactive Initiatives to Bring in Higher Sales:

Improving sales results is about analyzing and re-designing the entire sales cycle. This includes several steps such as expanding lead sources, optimizing digital and media campaigns, creating a more attractive selling proposition, improving quality of leads, training the sales force, increasing prospect engagement and following up with leads for the longer run when justified. It is important to study results, creating meaningful reports, gathering insights, and much more.

Sales strategy

We conduct in-depth analysis of the sales strategy, providing unbiased expert opinions about the sales process, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, and identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Business Development

We explore new potential for products or services, new markets, new segments, new business models, alternative pricing models and more.

B2B Sales

We have 25 years of expertise in designing, improving and managing the long process of selling complex services. We act as consultants to medium-large companies, supporting C level managers.

Creative Marketing

Digital tools today offer endless opportunities to apply creative marketing methods, allowing companies to reach new potential clients and to differentiate themselves in order to match their needs.

Hand On sales

We accompany the sales team in their day-to-day activities, whether in the brainstorming process at the managerial level or by participating in cold calls and sales meetings.


Finally, we believe that a complex sales process is based on the ability to get direct access to customers starting from cold calls. We use smart telemarketing for penetration and cherry picking as well as a critical tool to develop long lasting relationships with potential clients.

I often find myself providing mentorship in online sales and marketing. Whether it is a web design agency, freelancer, not-for-profit or corporate client they all want the same thing. They want to promote themselves and close deals. Yet as diverse as the organisations and people I work with are, they almost always fall down in the same thing. They give up too soon.
Sales needs dogged determination
Whether you are trying to sell your services or promote your offering it will need dogged determination. If you want to promote yourself, your product or your services online it will need dogged determination. Take for example sales. According to the National Sales Executive Association over 80% of sales happen after at least five interactions. Yet only 25% of sales people bother to make a second contact with a prospect.

Shalom is a master at opening doors, and arranging meetings with high level managers across different industries in Israel.
Shalom is very persistent and focused, and with his great interpersonal relations he manages to arrange meetings that others were not able to arrange. Shalom has a good understand of business, which helps find the right stake holder in the organization and make a good pitch. It's always a pleasure to meet Shalom and do business with him.
Yuval Ron
Senior Solutions Consultant at Genesys
The Bushido team managed to change the way we think about our sales cycle and to improve the way we manage relations with potential customers. Together we acquired important new clients such as 3 banks, 2 investments houses, a health insurance company, 2 insurance companies and many more. All of them have large-scale service operations, which perfectly match our expertise. Shalom proved that persistence is the key to achieving higher sales!
Shuli Ozeri
Partner at Ergo Consulting Ltd

Why "Bushido"?

Well, we get that question a lot ... Bushido is the warrior’s way of life, which is based on 7 virtues we have embraced:

the 7 virtues of Bushido

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Sales are simply about finding a way to communicate better with your market. Whether it’s about getting more leads or it entails redesigning the entire sales cycle…

…together, we will find the key to growing your sales!